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Jackie Chan: A Step by Step Astrological Analysis of the 1st house

The First Bhava

The influences towards the third sign inform us of the way one engages one’s mental and physical talents in the course of their life.

General Thoughts

Mercury as the Ascendant lord is the lute of the Gemini Rasi, while Mars as the Atmakaraka and a karaka for the 3rd house is the mace. Both planets occupy angels, therefore making one inclined to explore and refine his talents through courageous acts.

Moreover, Mercury and Mars are fast moving planets, which in this case serve to speed up one’s success in life.

By the age of 18, Chan was a choreographer of battle scenes. When he was 22, he had already began creating his own films and controlling and organizing all the work at the film set and to give efficient orders on every occasion.

Furthermore, the Ascendant lord is in Pisces and the Moon in the Ascendant convey feminine qualities, which are tempered by the Rasi aspect of Mars and Jupiter towards Mercury and the 1st house.

The fact that four planets occupy the angles in mutable signs implies that this person expresses themselves through movement and that his life path resembles the ability to adapt to uncertainty and change.

Aries and Mars

An exalted Sun strengths the field of the 1st sign. At the same time, the aspect from Saturn from Scorpio indicates a threat of separation from safety in the early stages of one’s life.

It is an interesting fact that the woman, who was in charge of the birth of the owner of this chart offered a large sum to his parents in exchange for their newborn son. Luckily, his parents could not bear the thought for separation from their only child. Perhaps, this initial struggle had been neutralized thanks to the grace of Jupiter, affecting one’s life path and body.

The fact that the Sun in the sign of Aries, and Mars (AK), in the sign of Jupiter and thus delighted by Jupiter, gives abundant energy.

The Sun in Leo in the Trimsamsa further strengthens the indications for a strong body and an excellent overall health.

Jupiter is with the Moon in the Ascendant and is the dispositor of the Ascendant lord. The fact that Chan was born into a Moon Jupiter dasa has activated the yoga created by both benefic planets. Perhaps, this has prepared the person for the taste of success later in life. To a great degree, the influence of the biggest visible planet towards all of the Self-factors and the 1st house, explain the curious fact that this person was born as a sensationally large baby.

Along with the fact that these planetary energies play a role in the development of one’s character, the inter-connectedness between all the masculine planets shows that one of the most noticeable qualities that this person projects in the world are assertiveness, courage, discipline and the capacity to lead and inspire others.


- Jupiter in the Ascendant gives one an optimistic orientation to life.

- Mercury aspecting the 1st house reveal’s one’s friendly nature and most likely someone, who impacts others through their wit and ingeniousness.

- Benefic Moon next to Jupiter in the 1st house gives a magnetic and appealing



- Mars, influencing Gemini gives one the capacity to energetic, quick and agile. The fiery planet, also aspects Mercury in Pisces. As a seriously trained martial artist, Chan is extremely skillful with his hands and feet.


Mercury is in Pisces confers indecisiveness but also a capacity to derive answers through ones intuition. Mercury is in Friend’s dignity.

Shad Bala

Mercury in the 10th house helps to direct the person, such that he is able to express in ways that affirm his uniqueness. Mercury with the 11th cusp shows that this person is versatile, sociable and curious, which helps him enjoy playing the game of worldly success.

Although initially the planet of management is lacking in Chesta Bala, the fact that it inhabits an upachaya house tells us that the person is able to grow their confidence and executive capacity as they age.

Planetary influences

Saturn as the 8th lord placed in the 6th house influences Mercury to 17 points. The association gives rise to a yoga for difficulty and shows the risk for harm to the body. It can also could point to issues of a Vata nature.

Being the lord of the 6th Bhava, Mars has a cruel way in making the person improve upon their skills and achieve their desires. The positive points (ishta) of the fiery planet influencing the Ascendant lord, drive the person to steel his will and to develop his capacity to overcome the inner and outer obstacles that get in the way of his self-expression.

Lajjitaadi Avashtas

Mercury as the 1st and 4th lord delighting the 2nd lord in Gemini endows the person with the capacity to be wealthy through exerting their talents and following their interests.

Jupiter delighting the Moon in Gemini shows a person, who is able to grow into their capacity to derive a lot of joy and fulfillment through creative expression. This avashta enriches one’s life through social activity, creativity and joy.


This is a heterosexual male’s chart and the birth is during the day, while all the Lagna, the Sun and the Moon are in odd rasis. Indeed, the life of Chan shines forth the skillfulness based on the active (masculine) qualities of Aries and Gemini.

The 1st lord in the 10th

In addition to having a strongly supported 1st house, Jupiter as a karaka and a ruler of the 10th house placed in an angle and a trine heightens the indications for accomplishments in the material world.

The 1st and 10th lords exchange signs and houses and both of them influence the

significator for popularity – the Moon. Most certainly, this sets the conditions for a path of a self-made person, who is most likely famous.

Moreover, Mercury in the 10th sign in the Navamsa makes one inclined to take action towards achieving proficiency and power in his chosen field. The indication for success is amplified because Saturn as a natural ruler of the 10th sign and a karaka for the 10th house is in the sign of Mercury.

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