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Vedic Astrology Consultation

In this session, we are going to answer your specific questions. Additionally, we will put your current life experiences into the context of your life path as it is indicated in your horoscope. We can also explore a few areas in your life like career, relationships, health and so on. You will receive a holistic vision on your past tendencies, weaknesses and strengths, which is then going to allow us to gain clarity on the practical ways that can enhance your well-being. I may offer, when needed, specific remedial measures to help you with challenging planetary indications.

Price: €120 / $136


Prasna is Astrology of the moment. I will cast a chart the moment I hear or read your question. You may benefit from choosing this offering when you wander, what would be the result of something (an activity), or the outcome of an issue. You will receive an answer of one burning question.

You can receive my assessment via MP3 recording, an e-mail or in person.

Price: €50 / $56


Embodying the Planets

Harmonizing the planetary influences within you


This is an exploration in process of development.

My endeavor is to guide you in realigning your body and mind through embodied inquiry. You will learn practical ways to bring the qualities of the planets through you, such that you can experience a direct and deep understanding of the divine powers within you.

Please contact me for details.

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