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About Me

For more than 15 years, my personal quest for a sense of meaning and purpose has been accompanied by the exploration of Yogic Philosophy, as well as the healing modalities of Yoga, and Creative expression. Similarly, I was drawn to astrology as a way to investigate what was going behind the scenes of life and what is my place in it. I enjoy challenging my ability to pay attention to the interconnectedness in Life and in Nature and in the Vedic chart. I have a curiosity for the relationship between Astrology and the Embodied Arts.

After some years of reading indiscriminately about Western Astrology, I encountered the teachings of Ryan Kurczak in 2014, and resonated with the scientific, yet practical approach towards researching a horoscope. Surely, I stayed on this path. In a profound way, this has reshaped my way of thinking and perceiving the world.

I am a graduate of the Asheville Vedic Astrology Apprenticeship Program.

How I work

As an astrologer, I engage wholeheartedly in the process of research, while remaining open to the creative and intuitive aspects of me to follow through.

The focus of my practice is in assisting individuals unearth their inner mystery.


Through the gift of Self-knowledge, comes the ability to see the signs that support our path, which then helps us align our actions such that they are in harmony with our internal environment.

I look forward to be of benefit to you and your life in the best way I can.


Through Vedic Astrology you can:

ॐ  Gain insight and perspective about what stands behind the challenges you experience.

ॐ  Discover when is the appropriate time to engage in a particular activity.

ॐ  Deepen your understanding of your past habits and tendencies and your life's experiences and how they have shaped your experience of reality.

ॐ  Receive practical suggestions to improve your well-being.

ॐ  Perceive clarity about possible ways, that are unique to you, to align your intentions and actions with the Universal current.

ॐ  Provide you with insight when you need it, to re-align your essence with the lost parts of yourself.

ॐ  Empower your capacity to make better decisions.

ॐ  Learn about the potential opportunities that lie on your path.

ॐ  Have a vision of possibility of where to direct your energy at a given moment or frame of time.

ॐ  Learn how to navigate your experience more skillfully and make healthier choices as to how to react to what happens to you.

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