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Harmony of Tradition and Astrology: Water Ritual for Deep Renewal and Personal Manifestation

Updated: Jan 8

"Popular belief has it that on the night before St Jordan's Day, the skies open up. Only the righteous can see this and whatever wish they make at this precise moment is sure to come true. It is also believed that at this moment, the water in all rivers, pools, and springs is purified and sanctified. That is why anything immersed in these waters will also come out purified and sanctified."

As the sun sets the night on the 5th of January, casting a warm glow on the horizon, Bulgaria unfolds a unique and ancient tradition—a ritual that invites you into a sacred dance with water. This introspective journey, bathed in the hues of personal reflection, symbolism, and astrological alignment, unveils a profound connection to the energies of Capricorn and Moola Nakshatra. This isn't just a sequence of actions; it's a personal journey, a meaningful exploration soaked in reflection, symbolism, and astrological resonance. Let's break down the steps of this ritual, uncovering its personal and transformative essence.

Step 1: Set the Stage

As the Sun sets, find a wide container, be it a bowl or a pot, avoiding plastic. Crafted from earthy materials, let it mirror the grounding essence of the ritual. The container should be expansive enough for you to see your reflection in its contents. Pour water into it, enough to catch your reflection, turning it into a canvas for your introspective journey. The expansive nature of the container encourages self-reflection, for one can witness their own reflection in its contents—a symbolic mirror into the depths of the self. Move outside, find a comfortable spot, and sit quietly with the water. Let the water feel your presence. Speak aloud, telling the water where you come from, saying, "I am..(say your name).. and I am from...(say where are your roots, which is your land of origin)". For example: "I am John and I am from Spain."

Step 2: Speak from the Soul

Engage in the ancient practice known as "narichane,"  an ancient practice that transcends conscious thought. Speak your thoughts and feelings to the water, creating a magical connection that goes beyond words. This is an intimate dialogue, a soulful exchange with the essence of water. The intentional act of speaking aloud to the water fosters a connection that transcends the physical realm, delving into the realm of the subconscious and the unseen.

Step 3: Dance with Water's Wisdom

Water is more than an element; it's a keeper of memories, a silent witness, a confidant for your soul's musings. As you speak your truths, sorrows, and desires, you're not just purifying your speech; you're refining your aspirations. This isn't merely water; it's a partner in your journey.

Step 4: Under the Open Sky

Place that container beneath the open sky, and it transforms into "quiet water," absorbing your words as the night unfolds. This is a dance between the earthly and the celestial, where the sky breathes life into your whispered hopes, unfurling a magic woven with purification and order.

Step 5: Midnight Communion

Return to your water at the stroke of midnight—a moment of heightened potency. Clasp the container, close your eyes, and delve into contemplation. What occurrence, if realized, will infuse you with newfound strength and joy? Speak your desires with clarity and honesty, letting your soul's voice guide you.

Step 6: Live the tale.

Sit quietly for a while, envisioning how your life would look if all your desires came true. Immerse yourself in the details: What are you wearing? What scents surround you? Is it dawn or sunset? What sounds do you hear? Live the tale.

Step 7: Declaration and Absorption 

When you feel internally calm and ready, declare, "So be it" or an equivalent phrase. Cover the bowl with a cloth, allowing the water to absorb your words throughout the night. This process, one of purification and order, unfolds beneath the open sky, breathing life into your spoken words. 

Step 8: Morning After

As the morning arrives, approach your vessel of now-charged water. Wash your face with it, or if frozen, bring it inside and wait for it to thaw. Savor a sip with gratitude, acknowledging the precious gift of this enchanted water. Drink from this water throughout the whole day.

Symbolism and Astrological Ties: 

Now, let's consider the astrological backdrop. You're not merely performing this ritual; you're stepping into Capricorn's realm. The essence of Capricorn's purpose harmonizes seamlessly with the St. Jordan’s Day ritual, delving into the intricate dance of energies associated with the root chakra, the seat of our connection to the Earth element. Governed by Saturn and embodying the feminine polarity of this foundational chakra, Capricorn beckons individuals to be receptive to the lessons learned from the journey through the past year and then initiate, embrace action, and embark on construction. With Mars recently entering its exalted state in Capricorn, the celestial energies resonate with a fervent call to action and building. 

Deliberately aligned with movement of the Sun towards the North Pole (Uttarayana), this ritual taps into auspicious cosmic energies. As participants connect intimately with both the water and earth element, they metaphorically embrace Capricorn's cardinal, forward-moving energy. The ritual is performed 30-nights and coincides with the Sun's journey into Aquarius, symbolizing the completion of a transformative process.

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