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Jackie Chan: A Step by Step Analysis of the 10th House

The Tenth Bhava

The 10th house, indicates the manner in which the native performs his actions. Pisces in the 10th indicates a career that has two or more avenues of expression and that has a sense of free-flowing quality to it.


- The Rasi aspect from Jupiter and Mercury towards the “four pillars” within the horoscope greatly increases the potentialities for prosperity in life.

- The Rasi aspect coming from a bright Moon complements one’s recognition and visibility.


- Mars, who rules over two evil houses, influencing the Karma Bhava, suggests obstacles and sudden turns of events that get in the way of one’s activity.


Jupiter in Gemini can give many opportunities for this person to develop his skillfulness through adventures.

Shad Bala

Jupiter is second in rank in Shad Bala. It has an excellent score of Dig Bala, which allows the person to hear the voice of the planet and take effective action in accordance with its nature.

Planetary aspects

The influence of Saturn from Scorpio, towards the indicator for career, speaks to sudden breaks to one’s vitality while exercising one’s profession.

Lajjitaadi Avashtas

Jupiter is weakened the aspect from Mercury, thus giving a tendency for the person to over manage one’s activity. This can sometimes cause an overload for the nervous system. The fact that the Ascendant lord is in the 12th sign and Venus in the 12th give speak to the tendency of this person to seek an outlet for the buildup tension by spending a lot on luxurious items as well as engaging in hazard and drinking.

Jupiter delighted by Mars grants achievements through self-effort.

The Moon delighting Jupiter in the 1st house shows that this person finds great sense of purpose in relationship to his life journey as a whole as well as in regards to being popular for his deeds in the world.


There is solely a benefic in the 10th from the Lagna and the Moon. This gives rise to a “stainless” yoga, which confers good actions, “directed cleanly with little distractions or disruptions. Planets in the 10th dominate the chart. This yoga bears fruit because Mercury and Jupiter are strongly positioned by house as well as mutually exchange signs.

The 10th lord in the 1st house

The strength of the Sun as a karaka for the 10th, hemmed in between gentle planets, enhances once reputation.

Chan’s career benefits from all of his talents and skills - from acting and martial arts to the ability to organize effectively. From the fact that there are mainly benefic planets influencing one’s personality and his activity, we can imagine how the film characters, embodied by the actor, leave an optimistic message for the public. Moon and Jupiter in the 5th from the 10th house enhances one’s positive outlook on life and creative potential.

The Dasamsa

Jupiter is in Capricorn, in the 8th house of the Dasamsa draws the person to practical achievement. Mercury and a benefic Moon Rasi aspect Jupiter, enhancing one’s success from risky endeavors.

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